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Josh Orr - Expert in eCommerce Success for Brick & Mortar Retailers

I’ve been in retail pretty much my entire life, and for the last 10 years, I’ve worked with 100's of brick & mortar retailers to help them grow and scale their online storefronts without having to open up more physical stores or sacrifice their personal time.

In this call, we want to uncover the exact strategies you'll need to implement to finally gain traction in your online sales.

What is a strategy session?

For most brick and mortar retailers, launching or finally gaining traction online can feel beyond daunting.

To help navigation this, we use these calls to figure out where you're wanting to go with your business, where eCommerce fits in, and what things should you prioritize to see real growth, as quickly as possible.

What we don't want is for you to spin your wheels, waste time and money, and have a site that falls flat.

In this free session, we'll dive into the exact actions you can take to see growth in your online store.

Our hope is that you leave with:

✅ A clear path to see growth online

✅ Actionable first steps you can take to get there

✅ A unique plan for your business

What Streamline Retail Clients Are Saying

"The 40-minute strategy session with Josh gave far more insight than I could have imagined. I left with a clear plan to increase conversion and grow my business."

- Tara Austin, Ruthie Grace Boutique

"It was so helpful getting direction in so many areas for how to grow online. We knew you could help with the site but had no idea that we'd get direction on driving traffic, and keeping my customers coming back!"

- Brooke, Out of Town Clothing

"It's literally like another location. We had no idea what was possible and it's incredible to sell while I sleep. - Maggie Paige Boutique

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. The results mentioned above are examples of potential outcomes but Streamline Retail makes no guarantees of your earning potential.

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